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Echoes With Laughter @ The Music Room

10 February 2012 – Echoes with Laughter performed at The Music Room, supporting Nikotin at Road to Panodrama gig.

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Beat Antenna @ The Music Room

26 January 2012Beat Antenna performed at The Music Room for the Unzipped event.

Check their page at facebook for more info of the band, updates and gigs around the metro.

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Hamdan Al-Abri @ The Music Room

26 October 2011Hamdan Al-Abri launch his EP at The Music Room.

Check his facebook page for details about his EP,

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Portraits: The Music Room Bands

Last February 2011, The Music Room hired me to shoot their house bands Urban and Rock Spiders for promotional materials.

For the lighting, I used SB900 on a 45” Wescott reflective umbrella on a 5001B light stand, and triggered by Phottix Atlas.

For more details about the bands, schedules, and contacts, please visit The Music Room website,

Here are some of the photos from the shoot:


Riff Raff @ The Music Room

24 June 2011 Riff Raff at The Music Room.

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Absolace @ The Music Room

24 June 2011Absolace at The Music Room.

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Fleetwood Bac @ The Music Room

18 February 2011Fleetwood Bac, the Fleetwood Mac tribute band from UK.

A shoot for The Music Room.

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Republica @ The Music Room

13 January 2011Republica, 90’s band have reformed last year and have strings of concerts around the globe, categorize under Electronica genre, have performed at Dubai at The Music Room.

This was my first concert shoot for 2011 and my second for The Music Room.


The Heavy @ The Music Room

The Heavy performed for the first time at UAE, venue held at The Music Room, Majestic Hotel, Dubai, UAE on December 2, 2010.

Honestly, I never heard about the band until I saw a posted ad of the event from a site. So, I did my homework, viewed some videos of The Heavy and learned their music.

The Heavy is an indie rock band from Noid, England.

I was excited about the event for two reasons. First, I’ll know their music better and second, to capture their performance on stage.

It was an extremely great concert!

Follow them at their sites: and