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Rocktoberfest 2015: Tsinelas | Goddamn Electric


16 October 2015Tsinelas and Goddamn Electric at Rocktoberfest at Dubai Autodrome, opening for Slapshock, Queso & Greyhoundz.



Goddamn Electric at Xtreme Fiestamatic


08-Nov-2013 – Goddamn Electric at Xtreme Fiestamatic event at Creek Park Dubai Amphitheater, opening for Rico Blanco.


Local Acts at Gulf Bike Week 2013


Here are some photos of UAE based artists from day 1 and 3 of Gulf Bike Week 2013, including the photo sets of The Maplejacks, The Boxtones, Jay Wud, Juliana Down and Sandwash!


One Hit Jam: Viscous Mishmash

10 May 2012 – Dubai based Viscous Mishmash opens for Bamboo and Pupil at the Al Nasr Leisureland.

Check out the bands page,!

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Echoes With Laughter @ The Music Room

10 February 2012 – Echoes with Laughter performed at The Music Room, supporting Nikotin at Road to Panodrama gig.

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Nikotin @ The Music Room

10 February 2012Nikotin performed at Road to Panodrama gig at The Music Room.

Check their Facebook Page for more info of the band and details of upcoming album.

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Fist In Your Face EP Launch

09 February 2012 – Dubai based Fist In Your Face released their EP at Me ‘Gigsta’ Gig at Imperial Suites Hotel.

For the info about the EP and where to catch the band, follow their facebook fan page for details,

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Beat Antenna @ The Music Room

26 January 2012Beat Antenna performed at The Music Room for the Unzipped event.

Check their page at facebook for more info of the band, updates and gigs around the metro.

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Billy Bob’s Blood Drenched Brew @ Ratsky 3 Club

UAE’s Billy Bob’s Blood Drenched Brew supported the German band Obscura when they hit Dubai last September 2011.

Check the bands facebook fan page here.

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Hamdan Al-Abri @ The Music Room

26 October 2011Hamdan Al-Abri launch his EP at The Music Room.

Check his facebook page for details about his EP,

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