Gloc-9 | Rivermaya | Kamikazee Live in Dubai 2014!

kamikazee2014-6 07 November 2014 – Gloc-9, Rivermaya and Kamikazee at Dubai Tennis Stadium.

Thanks to Alan & Spicy Lemon!

Gloc-9 Gloc9-1 Gloc9-3 Gloc9-2 Gloc9-4 Rivermaya rivermaya2014-6 rivermaya2014-2 rivermaya2014-4 rivermaya2014-5 rivermaya2014-1 rivermaya2014-3 Kamikazee kamikazee2014-3 kamikazee2014-8 kamikazee2014-1 kamikazee2014-2 kamikazee2014-5 kamikazee2014-7 kamikazee2014-4

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All photos were taken with D90 | 24-70mm.


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